Resource Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society (1981 - )

United States
Philosophy of technology
Science studies, as a discipline
Science studies and theoretical works
Social sciences
Sociological and psychological analysis of science
Sociology of knowledge
Technology and society
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"The goal of the Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society is to provide a means of communication within as wide of a spectrum of the STS community as possible. This includes faculty and students from sciences, engineering, the humanities, and social science in the newly emerging groups on university and college campuses, and in the high school systems, all of which teach integrative STS subject matters. It also includes professionals in government, industry and universities, ranging from philosophers and historians of science to social scientists concerned with the effects of science and technology, scientists and engineers involved with the study and policy-making of their own craft, and the concerned general leader. A third category of readers represents "society": all journalists dealing with the impacts of science and technology in their respected fields, the public interest groups and the attentive public.

The scope of the Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society is that which is of value in STS pedagogy at either the university or K-12 level. Such material can include original articles describing research or reflection on STS topics. The journal emphasizes articles of general interest in the STS field, which can be used in teaching undergraduate or K-12 students."

(Description taken from journal homepage.)

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