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Inorganic chemistry
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Physical chemistry
Structural chemistry
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Foundations of Chemistry, an international journal, is an "interdisciplinary forum in which chemists, biochemists, philosophers, historians, educators and sociologists discuss conceptual and fundamental issues which relate to the 'central science' of chemistry. Coverage includes the autonomous role of chemistry between physics and biology and the question of the reduction of chemistry to quantum mechanics.
The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles on a wide range of topics, including chemical models, language, metaphors, and theoretical terms; chemical evolution and artificial self-replication; the social and ethical aspects of chemistry's professionalism; modeling and instrumentation in chemistry; the nature of explanation in the chemical sciences; theoretical chemistry, molecular structure and chaos; ancient chemistry, medieval chemistry and alchemy; philosophical and historical articles; and more.
Foundations of Chemistry offers themed issues, and includes book reviews and discussion notes." [Description taken from site]

Published three times a year, the journal provides some of its printed material "online first", using Springerlink, and also has open access to a very limited number of articles and editorials. The tables of contents are available for free, but most of the articles must be accessed with a paid subscription. Many university libraries subscribe to Springerlink.

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