Resource Historia Mathematica (1974 - )

United States
History of science and as a discipline
International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science
Periodicals; serials
Societies; institutions; academies
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"Historia Mathematica publishes historical scholarship on mathematics and its development in all cultures and time periods. In particular, the journal encourages informed studies on mathematicians and their work in historical context, on the histories of institutions and organizations supportive of the mathematical endeavor, on historiographical topics in the history of mathematics, and on the interrelations between mathematical ideas, science, and the broader culture.

In addition to research articles, Historia Mathematica also publishes book reviews, abstracts of the current literature in the history of mathematics, notes and sources, and occasionally letters to the editor. "

(Description taken from journal's website.)

On this website, users can find searchable PDFs of all abstracts since 1974, a table of contents of the first 23 volumes of the journal, and a link to complete tables of contents for all issues that can be viewed free of charge at Science Direct.

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