Resource History and Technology (1983 - )

United Kingdom
History of science and general works
Periodicals; serials
Technology and society
Alternative Names
  • 30034 (WHSO Record Number)


"History and Technology serves as an international forum for research on technology in history. A guiding premise is that technology-as knowledge, practice, and material resource-has been a key site for constituting the human experience. In the modern era, it becomes central to our understanding of the making and transformation of societies and cultures, on a local or transnational scale. The journal welcomes historical contributions on any aspect of technology but encourages research that addresses this wider frame through commensurate analytic and critical approaches.

A complementary focus is stimulating dialogue between history of technology and allied fields in history and the humanities, with the aim of exploring common issues in explanation, interpretation, and methodology. To facilitate such exchange, the journal solicits essays from a range of scholars on historiography, theory, and intellectual history."

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