Resource História, Ciências, Saúde---Manguinhos (1994 - )

History of science, general works
Medicine and science, relationships
Science studies and theoretical works
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"História, Ciências, Saúde - Manguinhos first came out in July 1994. The essence of the journal is captured by the three words history -sciences - health. By history we are not referring to the discipline per se but rather to a particular approach, to a way of looking at things and interpreting and addressing them that is common to a gamut of academic fields and the professionals working in these areas. Health, which might be considered our hallmark, embraces the vast realm of issues that defines our place as scholars and as social actors. Sciences must by definition appear in the plural because the number of fields exploring the processes of life and death is so broad, because the institution we are part of is devoted to a wide range of activities, and because the interdisciplinary approach is sine qua non to progress in the life sciences as much as in the social sciences.

The journal's graphic project (print version) incorporates architectural elements drawing their inspiration from the location that lends the journal its name the Moorish castle which is a historic landmark in Brazilian science and one of the finest remaining examples of our nation eclecticism. After all, our quest is similar: to bring together readers and contributors from diverse professional fields - history, medicine, sociology, public health, anthropology, philosophy, who are not intimidated by today's most notable trend: the end of isolation between myriad forms of knowledge." [Description taken from site]

This peer-reviewed journal is published every 3 months. The articles are written in Spanish or Portuguese, sometime with English translations. The abstracts and tables of contents are all available in English. Access to most of the articles in the journal history is provided.

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