Resource Metascience: An International Review Journal for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science (1992 - )

History of science, as a discipline
Philosophy and methods of science
Philosophy of science
Philosophy of science, as a discipline
Science studies, as a discipline
Science studies and theoretical works
Alternative Names
  • 30059 (WHSO Record Number)


"Metascience is a review journal which publishes high quality, comprehensive reviews of books in the fields of history and philosophy of science, and science and technology studies.

Metascience specializes in innovative approaches including - beyond standard reviews - essay reviews, non-anglophone reviews, discipline survey reviews and 'round-tables' in which up to four reviewers provide independent essay reviews of one book. The coverage includes short descriptive notices of books which are not reviewed at length." [Description taken from Springer site]

The tables of contents and abstracts for issues from 1996-2011 are available via Springerlink. The articles themselves are available online with a paid subscription.

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