Resource Science as Culture (1987 - )

United Kingdom
Cross-cultural interaction; cultural influence
Periodicals; serials
Popular culture
Public understanding of science
Science and art
Science and culture
Science and economics
Science and literature
Science and politics
Science and society
Sociological and psychological analysis of science
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"Science as Culture is 'the only source of critique of the way science is going', as one of our readers put it. Not simply criticism, critique analyses the underlying frameworks, assumptions and terms of reference. It emphasizes the fundamental role of values, interests, ideology and purposes -- which would otherwise remain hidden in the guise of neutrality and objectivity. Science as Culture places science within the wider debate on the values which constitute culture; it is not the journal for a particular academic discipline.

Science as Culture encompasses people's experiences -- at the workplace, the cinema, the computer, the hospital, the home and the academy. The articles are readable, attractive, lively, often humorous, and always jargon-free. Science as Culture aims to be read at leisure, and to be a pleasure."

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