Resource Medicine Studies (2009 - )

February 2009
Biology and ethics; bioethics
Medicine and culture
Medicine and science and relationships
Philosophy of medicine
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"Medicine Studies is an international, peer-reviewed journal that is open to submissions from scholars regardless of discipline working within the medical humanities, science and technology studies, bioethics, and philosophy of medicine. The aim of the journal is to contribute to a better understand of the relations between medicine, science, technology, and society - and the consequences of their interplay.

Inter- and transdisciplinary approaches are encouraged, as addressing many contemporary challenges in medicine requires knowledge about historical and cultural contexts that events and developments are situated in. In its unique section "Past and Present", the journal publishes review articles that provide an overview on the current developments and state of the art in a specific field of medicine or allied sciences, and contrasts this to their perception in the fields of history, philosophy, and ethics." [Description taken from Springer site]

The journal is available online via Springerlink, but access requires a fee or subscription.

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