Resource Galenos: Rivista di Filologia dei Testi Medici Antichi (2007 - )

Ancient Greek and Roman contexts
Biological sciences and general works
Byzantine medicine
Greek language
Greek medicine
Linguistics; philology
Alternative Names
  • 30131 (WHSO Record Number)


"The growing interest in the philology of medical texts is attested by the great number of international colloquia and books of the last thirty years. Studies on the manuscript tradition, presentation of unknown texts, new critical editions and commentaries testify the vitality of this field of research that marks evident progresses. Therefore a journal offering partial or complete results of the forthcoming research seems useful and precious for antiquity studies. Yearly, it gathers philological contributions on text and tradition of Greek medicine, ancient and Byzantine, transmitted in Greek, Latin and oriental languages (Syriac, Arabic, Hebrew…). Beside the more substantial essays, the journal includes short notes by young scholars who have newly started their philological activity. All numbers of «Galenos» contains a choice of conjectures from AFMA (Archivio Filologico per la Medicina Antica: The journal is open to contributions in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish." [Description taken from site]

This annually published journal is available online with a subscription. The articles may also be purchased individually. The tables of contents for issues from 2007-2010 are available for free on the website.

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