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"The H.M.S. Challenger Expedition, conducted between 1873 and 1876 was one of the first, and perhaps the most thoroughly documented, of many expeditions devoted to the investigation of ocean physics and biology. All of the 90-odd Zoology and Botany reports published by the Expedition have been digitized and are available here for browsing. The reports include over 30,000 pages of text and many thousands of illustrations.

Direct Access to the reports is through the Linked Index. An Illustrated Index is also provided, and can be accessed through the H.M.S. Challenger Library Entry Portal, but it is very large (over 30 Mb) because it includes many sample plates from the reports.

The Challenger Medal, prepared by Glenn M. Stein F.R.G.S., describes the medal awarded in 1895 to participants in the Challenger Voyage of Exploration. A pdf version is available."

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