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"Scripps Archives contains a rich archival collection documenting over one-hundred years of oceanographic, earth, and climate research at Scripps, and more generally on the history of oceanography. Scripps Archives' collections are used by historians, scientists, graduate students, media, and Scripps itself. Currently, Scripps Archives is comprised of 1,288 collections, which are personal papers of scientists, office records/files from scientific and administrative programs, several hundred thousand still images, several thousand audio and moving images, and autobiographical works and oral histories. In addition to producing online guides to its collections, Scripps Archives digitizes content in various formats from its collections in order to improve user access and provide a rich online resource in support of the history of Scripps, oceanography, and climate science."

(Description taken from site.)

Available here is an online accession register of the collections, as well as online folder list guides to selected collections. These lists are searchable. Also available are digitized photos, video, audio, oral histories, biographies and memoirs, bibliographies, and general histories.

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