Resource HSS Graduate & Early Career Caucus (2007 - )

May 2007
United States
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Historians of science, modern
History of science as a profession
History of Science Society
History of science and as a discipline
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United States
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"A meeting place for graduate students and early career scholars in the history of science, medicine and technology.

Emerging from a collective consensus that the creation of a graduate student and early career caucus within HSS would greatly benefit the next generation of scholars, the GECC is working to improve resource offerings for these groups in the coming year.

The chairs and officers are graduate students and early career members of HSS, who act as liaisons between the standing committees of the HSS and the student/early career constituency. The objective of the group is to facilitate communication between caucus members and HSS regarding their concerns, issues, and ideas, as well as potentially having representation on HSS committees in the future. Current projects include a mentoring program, partnering with the Women's Caucus to produce the HSS Employment Survey, as well as sponsoring a session and social events at the annual meeting."

(Description taken from site.)

The site also offers information about annual meetings, converting a dissertation into a book, and links to relevant external websites.

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