Resource Ether Wave Propaganda: A blog dedicated to improving how we write, teach, and think about the history of science

Will Thomas, Christopher Donohue

Historians of science, modern
Historical method
Historiography and historical methods
History as a discipline; chronology; study of the past
History of science and as a discipline
Philosophical historiography
Science and culture
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"Ether Wave Propaganda is a history of science blog that specializes in historiographical issues. It's a niche blog aimed at people working in the academic disciplines of the History of Science and Science and Technology Studies. Those looking for general science blogs are welcome to follow along and comment, but may find some of the posts a little esoteric.

A major mission of this blog is to promote history for history's sake. This means many posts deal with questions of proper methodology and historiography-building with this goal in view. It also means that addressing problems of synthesizing and retaining historical knowledge is taken as a key imperative, to which the blog contributes where possible in short-essay format."

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