Resource The Missing Link: A Podcast on the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology (2007 - )

Elizabeth Green Musselman

March 2007
United States
Communication of scientific ideas
Natural history
Philosophy of science
Public understanding of science
Science and culture
Science and religion
Science and society and general works
Alternative Names
  • 10265 (WHSO Record Number)


"A monthly program about science and its delightfully strange history. For people who are scared of science but deeply intrigued by it. For scientists who know there must be a better back story than what's told in the sidebars of their textbooks. And - oh yes - for those three dozen of you out there who, like me, actually make a living as historians of science.

Hosted by Elizabeth Green Musselman, a history professor at Southwestern University."

(Description taken from site.)

As of October 2009, the audio files are no longer hosted online and cannot be downloaded. However, the author will send them per email request. No new episodes are being made at this time.

Each podcast has an accompanying blog entry with links to external sites and a bibliographic section "for further reading".

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