Resource Anita Guerrini: History, Science, Animals, Food (2010 - )

Anita Guerrini

June 2010
United States
Historians of science, modern
History of science as a profession
History of science and as a discipline
Science and culture
United States
Universities and colleges
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"I'm a historian of science and medicine, currently one of two Horning Professors in the Humanities at Oregon State University. My research interests range widely in time, from the sixteenth century to the twentieth, but tend to coalesce around anatomy, natural history, the history of animals, and the history of food. "

(Description taken from site.)

The author outlines her current research and projects in the About and Writing tabs. The What I'm Reading tab offers short comments on each book, which are largely works in the history of science. Blog posts thus far are mainly thoughts on the profession itself and commentary with links to history of science in popular sources.

Anyone can comment on blog posts.

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