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November 2009
19th century
Collected correspondence
Darwin and Charles Robert (1809-1882)
Great Britain
Heredity; evolution; genetics
Human evolution
Methodology of science; scientific method
Natural history
Natural selection
Philosophy of science
Primary literature (historical sources)
Science and religion
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"Welcome to the website of the Darwin Correspondence Project. On this site you can read and search the full texts of more than 6000 of Darwin's letters, and find information on 9,000 more. All are being published in the complete edition of the Correspondence of Charles Darwin (F. Burkhardt et al. eds, Cambridge University Press). Available here are complete transcripts of all known letters Darwin wrote and received up to the year 1867, originally published in volumes 1 to 15 of the Correspondence. More will be added following print publication.

The agreed interval between print and online publication is four years. The site also has brief biographies of all correspondents and all persons mentioned in the letters. The letters, footnotes, and the biographies are all fully searchable."

(Description taken from site.)

In addition to being fully searchable, the letters are organized into the following categories: Darwin & Science, Darwin & Religion, Darwin & Ecology, Darwin & Gender, Darwin & Geology, Darwin & Human Nature. Each of these is further divided into subcategories.

A news section keeps readers up to date on project progress and events.

Letter sets, discussion questions, reading lists, and podcasts (not limited to but including round tables and interviews) can be found in the section Teaching Resources.

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