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History of science and general works
Primary literature (historical sources)
Royal Society of London
Scientific communities; interprofessional relations
Societies; institutions; academies
Teaching history of science
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"The Royal Society Centre for History of Science provides a unique environment in which leading historians and world-class scientists can come together to generate fresh insights into the history of science. Equally, the Centre aims to inspire those with a more general interest in the subject through a varied programme of public events."

Links to catalogues and collections are at the top right of the page, just underneath the search box. Here, searches can be done in the library catalogue, the archive, also for images and fellows. The image library can also be accessed via a thumbnail link at the bottom of the main page.

By clicking either "Events" in the tabs at the top or "Events and Exhibitions" takes researchers to a page compiling links to various things: highlights of present and past exhibitions, the Centre's podcast and blog, and the Library Newsletter. The blog provides "[u]pdates about our work on bringing the history of science to life." The podcast is a recording of the Library's lunchtime lectures and is available in either audio or video format.

"The Royal Society's Library and Archives are freely open to the public. Joining is quick and simple; it takes just a few minutes to register and new readers are always welcome."

(Quotes taken from site.)

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