Resource History of Geology (2010 - )

David Bressan

May 2010
Earth and atmospheric sciences
Geomorphology; physiography
Historical geology; theory of the earth
Science and society
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"I'm a freelance geologist working mainly in the Austroalpine crystalline rocks and the South Alpine Palaeozoic and Mesozoic cover-sediments in the Eastern Alps.

During my research on glaciers, studying old maps and reports on the former extent of these white cows, I became interested in history, especially the development of geomorphologic, paleontological and geological concepts by naturalists and geologists. Living in a key area for the history of geology, I will so combine curiosity, field trips and old depictions and "blog" about how geology developed and how it today impacts our life."

(Description taken from site.)

There are links to "Breaking News in History of Geology" on the right near the top; further down are links to other geology-related blogs, journals, and podcasts. Anyone can comment on posts.

The author also has two posts up on a Scientific American History of Geology page, but this blogspot site is updated more often and has more involved content. The Scientific American page is here:

Since June 2011, the author has also maintained a German language blog on the history of geology, (which can be found here: ) as well as an Italian language blog (located here: )

A second Italian language site by this author, maintained since 2008 and called "paleomamiferi: Paleontology and Pop Culture on us Mammals" is available here: . There is a button on the right to translate the page into English.

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