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United States
18th century
19th century
Humboldt and Alexander von (1769-1859)
Natural history
Science and politics
Travel; exploration
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"The Humboldt digital library is an ongoing research project to preserve the legacy of Alexander von Humboldt in an online information system.

For Humboldt's most important writings on Latin America, data mining is now available. Fourteen volumes of Humboldt's works in English translation (Personal Narrative of Travels, seven volumes; Aspects of Nature, one volume; Researches . . . and Most Striking Scenes of the Cordilleras, two volumes; and Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain [Mexico], four volumes) have been scanned and digitized and allow users to search for specific words or phrases. The Humboldt Digital Library adheres to the standards established by the Open Archives Initiative (OAI).

You are invited to create your own userid with username and password to be able to store your search results and communicate with other experts."

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Users are not required to register to access site materials. However, registered users are invited to contribute to the Humboldt Blog.

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