Resource The Bubble Chamber: Where history and philosophy of science meet society and public policy (2010 - )

Mike Thicke, Curtis Forbes, et al.

August 2010
History of philosophy of science
Philosophy and methods of science
Public understanding of science
Science and culture
Science and economics
Science and government
Science and politics
Science and society
Science and technology and relationships
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"The Bubble Chamber is a blog written by historians and philosophers of science for discussing contemporary issues of science and society through the lens of historical context and critical analysis.

Founded by the University of Toronto's Science Policy Working Group, The Bubble Chamber is a forum for those interested in a critical assessment of science in society and the development, regulation, and trajectory of science."

(Description taken from site.)

In addition to the blog, there are also the following categories: In the Spotlight, What We're Reading (includes reviews), Debatable, What We're Working On (current research and thoughts on historiography), HPS Live (relevant videos), and Quick Thoughts.

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