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October 2010
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"An Oral History of British Science, a National Life Stories project, began in November 2009 with funding from the Arcadia Trust. Its aim is to create a major archive for the study and public understanding of contemporary science in Britain through in-depth interviews with British Scientists.

The programme has four main strands: 'Made in Britain', 'A Changing Planet', 'Cosmologies' and 'The Factory of Life'.

This blog is written by the project team, comprising of curators of Oral History and History of Science, cataloguers, project interviewers and an academic consultant.

We aim to:
- provide insights into the challenges of interviewing scientific and technical specialists
- discuss historical themes which emerge from the research programm
- draw attention to related resources including the British Library's History of Science collections
- and promote events and anniversaries that relate to the history of science."

(Description taken from site.)

The blog highlights new additions to the interviews and links to them.

Anyone can comment on blog posts.

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