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Renaissance Western European contexts
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"The database DMD is part of the research project The Relation of Practical Experience and Conceptual Structures in the Emergence of Science: Mental Models in the History of Mechanics, a project pursued by Department I of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG), Berlin, headed by J├╝rgen Renn. In its context, a large number of original sources concerning the history of mechanics have been made available on the Internet as a digital research library, the Archimedes Project. In this broader context the database DMD is especially devoted to studying the practical knowledge of early modern engineers...The aim of the database DMD is the provision of new ways of investigating early modern machine drawings. These documents are important not only for historians of technology but also for historians of science and art and more generally for scholars of Renaissance studies. DMD provides these opportunities in a twofold way: first, it provides convenient access to a representative selection of early modern machine drawings and, second, it presents each drawing in a frame of categories, which allow the selection to be searched under a broad spectrum of questions and viewpoints." [Description taken from site]

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