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17th century
Galilei and Galileo (1564-1642)
Mathematics and its relationship to nature
Natural philosophy
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This site provides a number of Galileo-related resources, including a "collection of and material from articles from the review "Galil├Žana", the only review exclusively dedicated to Galilean studies... [and] all texts in digital version of Galilean works (including letters to and from Galileo), published in the National Edition of the Works of Galileo (20 vols. in 21 tomes) and edited by Antonio Favaro between 1890 and 1909."
There is also a section on biography, "built from the conversion into digital full text format of the biographical records (more than 300) collected by Antonio Favaro in vol. XX of the National Edition of the Works of Galileo." In addition, the site provides "detailed descriptions of the remarkable corpus of Galilean manuscripts preserved in the Collezione Galileiana at the National Central Library of Florence [and a] catalogue of Galileo's personal library. For each of the described works the documentary source that attributes it to the library of Galileo is made explicit." Finally, the site provides a lexicon: "the Galilean lexicon registers all the terms that are present in the entire works of Galileo (in Italian and in Latin), including his numerous letters. It is possible to search the archival lexicon both by lemma and by form." [Descriptions taken from site]

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