Resource The Unofficial Stephen Jay Gould Archive

Miguel Chavez

United States
20th century
Biological sciences, general works
Gould and Stephen Jay (1941-2002)
Alternative Names
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"Basically to make the ideas of Stephen Jay Gould more accessible to students, teachers, and science enthusiasts of all stripes and forms. Gould did this so well in print, that we hope to extend this influence to the World Wide Web. Alternatively we may be seen as a complement of sorts to John Catalano's excellent website The World of Richard Dawkins, which adopts Dawkins' more conservative approach to biology. Taken together, these pages will give readers a more enriching prospective on the many competing ideas facing the study of biological evolution."

Contains links to many texts of interviews with Gould and many other well-known contemporary biologists. Has links to many of Gould's writings as well as many historical primary source texts.

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