Biographical entry Weldon, Stephen


Present Position:

Assistant Professor, History of Science, University of Oklahoma; Editor, Isis Current Bibliography of the History of Science


Yearly publication of the Current Bibliography of the History of Science

Publications include:

"Totalitarianism, Democracy, and the Science-Religion Dialog during the Second World War," in Philip Kevin Goff, ed., God and the Good War (submitted August 2007; under review)
"American Jews and the Ideology of Modern Science," 745-747, in Stephen H. Norwood and Eunice G. Pollack, eds., Encyclopedia of American Jewish History, vol. 2 (ABC-CLIO, 2007)
"Humanism, Secular, U.S." Dictionary of the History of Ideas (2004)
"Postmodernism" and "Social Construction." Science and Religion: A Historical Introduction. Ed. Gary B. Ferngren. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 2002. (Republication of two articles that appeared in 2000. Both contain new introductions.)

Academic Background:

Received his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin--Madision with a degree in History of Science and History. His dissertation is entitled "The Humanist Enterprise from John Dewey to Carl Sagan: A Study of Science and Religion in American Culture." His focus is on science, politics, and religion in the 19th and 20th centuries, especially secularism and religion in the United States.


Department of History of Science
University of Oklahoma
601 Elm, Physical Sciences Room 618
Norman, OK 73019-3106
Office phone: 405-255-5187

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