Isis Bibliography Seeks Participation in Online Survey over Historical Research Methods and Social Media

The editor of the History of Science Society’s Isis Current Bibliography, Stephen Weldon, requests participation in a 10-minute online questionnaire on how students and professionals in history of science and related fields use reference tools and social media in their research.

The link to the survey is here:

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help Weldon’s research team design a new set of discovery and networking tools for research in the history of science. He is working with a group of scholars, librarians, and technical experts on this project, exploring new possibilities for research tools in the current digital environment.

Participation in this survey by anyone whose research may include the history of science, technology, and medicine, whether or not they use the Isis Bibliography, will help provide data on current research practices that will assist in the creation of a new research tool.

The survey will be accessible until Friday, March 15. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

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