Resource Osiris: A Research Journal Devoted to the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences (1936 - )

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History of Science Society
History of science and general works
Science and culture
Science and politics
Science and society
Science and war; science and the military
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"Founded in 1936 by George Sarton, and re-launched by the History of Science Society in 1985, this annual thematic journal highlights recent research on significant themes in the history of science. Recent volumes of Osiris include Politics and Science in Wartime, Landscapes of Exposure, Science and the City, and Science and the Civil Society." [Description taken from JSTOR site]

According to Kathryn Olesko, current series editior: "Volumes 17 to 27 in this series are designed to dissolve boundaries between history and the history of science. The cast science in the framework of larger issues prominent in the historical discipline but frequently treated in the history of science, such as the development of civil society, urbanization, and the evolution of international affairs. They aim to open up new categories of analysis, to stimulate fresh areas of investigation, and to explore novel ways of synthesizing major historical problems that demand consideration of the role science has played in them" (from the front matter of 24 (2009)).

JSTOR provides access to tables of contents and abstracts for all issues of the journal. The articles are available online with a paid subscription.

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